So started bumper…..

Got pass inspection this morning. so I decided to go ahead and remove rollpan and started to work on putting bumper back on…..

so roll pan cut off.

rollpan cut out

and looking under and look for where to mount bracket for bumper……


found out previous ower had frame cut…………

so change of plan…..

cutting corner

Guess what! cutting corner off weld bumper straight to it….
that’s something different…..

cut align

Cut and aligned the bumper…. now time to weld!


welded on… had 300lb guy stand on make sure it won’t fall…..

and also I added ford tail light straight to tailgate for now until I can make bucket to french in the piece with reverse.


well now I have to sand out all orange paint…….. etc…..

and wiring tomorrow….

Part 4 of Japan Week

Since the new site is up and lost contents I’m putting what I can find back on to it.

This yota is made by Koji

Koji's Yota

body mods:  sliced frame 6cm

Wheel: MOMO18インチ

Suspension: Triangulated 3 link

Tweed Interoir with Metallic black painted dash

967721_1560943084131261_1594216953_n 10002761_1560943077464595_138826473_n 10009566_1560943087464594_1204998088_n 10013029_1560943070797929_977004301_n


Thinking of tailgate ideas….

For update on S10 Project here that has been kind of stalled at moment.

Having idea for tailgate how it would look.

lot of people have roll pan, so I’m thinking of putting bumper back on.

and also some ideas for tailgate itself. I like these frenched in classic logos.


but with bumper smoothed out like this.

Smoothed out bumper

and using 39 style ford tear drop.

I seen this also not bad idea but letters can be larger maybe from fullsize?

Tailgate idea

Will be starting cutting off roll pan this weekend….. will see……