• Part 4 of Japan Week.

    Part 4 of Japan Week.

    Part 4 already! have found another truck I would like to feature late last night…. by the time I contacted him and replied back to me I felt a sleep…. but I got all information this morning and Here it is!     His Name is Koji-san. Here is his yota. Here is spec on his truck. Body, he did sliced channel about 6cm (about 2″) and triangulate link setup. He does have 18″ MOMO wheels. Exterior, he did full […]

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  • Japan Week Part 3 Wow!

    Japan Week Part 3 Wow!

    This is the Part 3 of Japan Week…. and searching and found one of the unique paint and I say this is something I would like to ride too. He has one good lookin Hardbody that I found. radical paint job. His Name is Tani-san. I actually found him online through one profile pic of truck (well which was on his GF’s profile so I sent her message, and she was nice to delay message to him then he contacted […]

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  • Since I posted Kei-Tora Here is another one

    Since I posted Kei-Tora Here is another one

    I posted one interesting Kei-Tora bagged in Japan.  After searching around I found article from Osaka Auto Messe. This was created by Ushio Automobile. I thought I share it here since it’s a damn nice ride.                     Original Pictures and Post is here.

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  • Japan Week Part2 Daily Driven

    Japan Week Part2 Daily Driven

    From Okinawa, Sumida-san This is daily driven Yota. he works on the truck and also rides it everyday.  He told me that truck will have fresh new paint job soon and also working on replacing some parts around truck inside and out. so he will send us more pictures once he is done with. I say it’s nice clean daily. wish I see one like that more often around where I live…. Pin Stripe, Lettering, SunRoof Kicker Full Audio system, […]

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  • Truck from Japan week Part 1

    Truck from Japan week Part 1

    Since I posted Sinz’s D21, I’ve been reaching out to mini truckers in Japan…. So I reached out to Kaz-san He is working on bagging the Datsun at moment. even before that, It’s a cool ride. You don’t see it not many of them around. so I decided to be first truck to start off Trucks from Japan. 今週はJapan特集を始めます!最初の一台目は安藤さん!写真ありがとうございます! 外装→フルUS、クロームゲートハンドル、クロームテールカウル、ボイド16インチ 内装→フォーミングステアリング、キッカースピーカー 足回り→リーフ抜き4インチブロック、ショートショック(現在エアサスに変更中) Exterior: all Full US spec, chrome gate handle, Chrome tail, Boyd’s 16″ wheel Interior: Forming Steering, Kicker speakers Suspension: Static […]

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  • Bagged and Slammed C10 Truck – Dropped and Clean

    Another finding from Youtube. from Milkcrate82: https://www.facebook.com/milkcrate82 Here’s a pair of bagged and slammed 67-72 SWB C10 trucks. Filmed at the Forrest Lane Cruise in Dallas, Texas on June 1, 2013.

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  • VW pickup with air

    Found post from Kraftwerkmod on youtube. Looks clean and simple and hard to find vw with nice setup…..

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  • AccuAir on Chris “Body Drop” Artiaga’s ’94 Toyota

    This is from Accuair video upload on youtube. Chris’s ’94 Toyota just got updated with the latest TouchPad e-Level Air Management package from AccuAir Suspension. Check out www.accuairsuspension.com for more cool cars, videos and technical info.

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  • The C-10 Built

    Finding from Youtube as usual…. Bagged, Body dropped completely shaved, airbags, draggin, switch’s, Custom Truck, Full Frame

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  • The Relapse by Twisted Inc

    Twisted inc is coming out with film #9 Relapse. if I get any announcement, I’ll post it up here. From Youtube: With a year out of the scene, we are back with Film #9 “The Relapse”. Twisted Inc Films is starting a new beginning, with a new attitude, a new style, and better all around quality. Enjoy this new teaser while we continue working on the new film due out 2014 sometime. Visit: www.TwistedChris.com to check out our other films […]

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  • Lowlife Video

    Here is trailer from Lowlife Video title SKUMBAGS Love that bulldog walkin at the beginning….. (since I have one also… they are good dog)

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  • Cambered Video.

    Going to start posting previews from Video production companies… starting with Cambered Video. This is Footage from the 4th dvd in the Cambered Videos series. Releases this May @ Showfest.

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  • St. Patrick School Car Show

    St. Patrick School Car Show

    This is Local show in long Island, NY. I go as Club Participation for ELTC. Here are some great trucks and cars….

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  • Our mini Sticker is here

    Our mini Sticker is here

    You can purchase it here.  

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  • Underconstruction of the month March

    Underconstruction of the month March

    This month we haven’t picked truck of the month yet and submission is still open anyways for following month and on…. So we picked Under construction Truck of the month instead… I say it’s well in progress truck own by Brandon Fiessinger from Dayton, OH. I found him on Facebook and I had to contact him to get more info! so Here it is. Here is information from Brandon. 99 s10, body dropped 3 inches, 2×3 back half, chromoly 3 link, […]

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  • Submitted Photos from the web

    Submitted Photos from the web

    Hello Since we have re-launched new and refreshed website and also our facebook page. people are submitting more pictures to us to show off your truck!. So here is new category of Photo Submission. You get to show off your truck here too!. To start. Here are pics that submitted this week.      

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  • Thank you for your support!

    Thank you for your support!

    Since been about 2 years MIA in scene, and having few of my friends helping me promote site now we are getting quickly gain popular on facebook! we will be in all force trying to cover as many show as possible, hang out with you at shows etc.  and you can still submit your truck for truck of the month which we pick just send us several photos and information on mods.   also if you have underconstruction, send that pic […]

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