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  • Project Xtreme Tail lights……

    Project Xtreme Tail lights……

    So for the tail lights, I decided to go with Ford tear drop and take out roll pan… and modified bumper to be on there…. just trying to decide position of reverse to be on top or bottom. leaning towards on top for now…

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  • Project Xtreme, tank setup almost….

    Project Xtreme, tank setup almost….

    Started drill holes after adjustment of valve position… and got second Viair 444C so kind of set all up here….. and also received front cups as well…. Winter time, less time to work and also Damn Cold! so honestly right now project is halted…. to hibernate…..

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  • Project Xtreme tank bracket built

    Project Xtreme tank bracket built

    so most of the parts came in now and started to work on the bracket last week. Thanks to my son helping and learning at same time, we were able to built the bracket pretty much. since I’m not welder and haven’t weld anything for last few years, I need to work on my skill again… Here are some pics during built and what it will be from last week.               So this is […]

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  • Project Xtreme, Lowering Lexus seat bracket.

    Project Xtreme, Lowering Lexus seat bracket.

    So for the seats, it was so high that I have to tuck myself to see traffic light. so I decided to lower the seat bracket as much as possible. Started from Driver Side. Taking seat out.               Then check and cut the bracket that was already on by previous owner of the seat.           Cut and weld the bracket back on and positioned. Compare to before…. it’s bout 2/3 […]

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  • Project Xtreme… sound deadening

    Project Xtreme… sound deadening

    Well since having 3 day weekend, decided to work on lowering seat bracket and removing jack stand holder and sound deadening. First from removal of holder and sound deadening. Holder cut off. and cleaned up around spot weld holes.               then holes filled and cleaned.               heat up the sound deadening material and stick on to the wall.               put the covers […]

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